I'm interested in working with a 2.o application that will allow me to mark historical and geographical sites on a map, that will provide GPS coordinates, and allow some space for text and possibly a picture. I'd like to be able to save maps, put them onto another website or link to them and to paste them into Word so they can be printed. Can anyone steer me to a site that will do all of this?


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Check out what some educators are doing with google earth. I think this is exactly what you are talking about to a T! I am not sure how they are doing it, but I am planning on learning this summer. Good Luck!

I have used CommunityWalk to do some mapping but I am not sure it can do everything you want it to do.
There's a flickr tool that allows you to do geomapping. You can have an image, add text, and locate it on a map.

Google Maps actually lets you write on maps with text bubbles and save the map image.
I would also recommend Google My Maps. It works very well for adding text, pictures and GPS coordinates.
I found a site called Mapbuilder that does everything I wanted. It works with Google maps and expands its capabilities. You can enter everything onto a spreadsheet and import it all at once. Really streamlines the process. Plus it provides coordinates for GPSs so it can be used for geocaching.



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