Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project where kids are making roller coasters and advertising them - they make the letters, spreadsheets, databases, flyers and all related materials but one of the problems is finding a decent construction or simulation of rollercoasters that they can use to model they're designs on.... I guess i'm looking for something like rollercoaster tycoon that is educational.

any ideas for sites where they might be available? Or something else that would be useful in modelling this topic if you know any?

Thanks everyone


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This looks interesting... haven't tried it myself tho.
thats great thanks! will give it a go when i get a minute but it looks lke just the thing. I have searched around for ages and haven't found anything suitable that can enthuse kids.

many thanks for your time
Thank you for asking this! I was looking for an answer to this question early last year before CR2.0 existed! :) Gosh I love this place!
yeah - its so hard to find things that
a. Arn't blocked by the school / county
b. Are good enough to enthuse the kids to do the work!

hope it helps

I hate to be the bringer of doom, but you can find Roller Coaster Tycoon in stores for about $10. The price of the full version of the No Limits Coaster is $30.

If you just want the demos, both products offer a free demo.
hey, thanks for that. I have looked at the rollercoaster type game but its a bit to much like fun and no learning if you know what i mean.They also get a bit funny about commercial and private copy right and licencing at the school so i was looking for something a bit more build it and simulate (and freeware) i don't want much do I!.

Its a great idea though so thanks anyway.



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