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Excuse multiple crosspostings to other groups...

I've created a wiki to house materials from workshops I conduct, and my first entry is a set of pages for a general tech integration seminar I'm facilitating this week. Feel free to use materials, make suggestions or add to this collaborative, online document.

Lucy Gray

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I have 'tagged' your wiki to my del.icio.us. Thanks for sharing. So Web2.0 of you!

Nice! Here's another pd experience with a wiki backbone, going on right now:
Bodie's Workshop. I like this wetpaint interface.
Jane, I don't think your link is working. I'd love to see that wiki!
Thanks for those great resources! BTW this is the link to Janes Workshop
Thanks for fixing Susan, I'm not that great/careful with html, apparently. To clarify this isn't my workshop, it's Bodie Fulford's.
Neat to see yet more... I got new ideas looking at Bodie's and Lucy's, will look into this next one from Aaron, too. Here's mine- had a different purpose, not so much a workshop as a curriculum writing project.
http://ocwiki.pbwiki.com. (I like pbwiki, too Aaron).
I wrote a book this last winter with a coauthor who lives 110 miles away. We had five killer collaboration apps: del.icio.us, IM, email, Skype, and our wiki. I don't know how we could have written this book even two years ago without lots of freeway driving for f2f collaboration. Here's our book wiki if you are interested: http://21stcentury.pbwiki.com/FrontPage
Looks good!

Here is a link to my district's Summer Tech Conference. We like to use PBWiki.

Hi Lucy,

You may be interested in reviewing some of our teacher wiki member links below.

Instructional Strategies & Design Project


A-Z Colleges Links and Wiki



Take care,
M Misovec
I do dislike the inability to post a message to your group and simultaneously to the main site - I can see pluses and minuses. Thank you for the link to your wiki.
I am so glad to see that many of us are models for using these tools. Here is one of my PD sites - used for district training.
Lucy, I see you're a Mac user. Do you have issues with wikispaces and teachertube videos causing Firefox to quit abruptly? At least I THINK it's narrowed down to Teachertube.
Hi Jim!

No! I don't! I've heard of the Teacher Tube problem, but not the Wikispaces one!



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