Anyone interested in starting a "sandbox" to see what ning would be like as a network for our elementary students? I think this would be a way to see how the system might "break" or what "holes" there are (I always loved playing the problem student in my teaching classes, now I can do it online). Seriously, we could set up a network, or networks for some "dummy students" using gmail+append accounts, then find out what students can do and if we can keep track of it?

Gordon, Kevin, whaddya say?

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replying to myself here, I just went ahead and created a teacher account there,- (I'm having a bit of a problem authorising it - because Israel isn't one of the countries on the list) anyway it seems I can invite "sponsored adults to share with me and my class - so if anyone is interested...send me your mail throught the messaging system.
This looks great Susan. Thank you for sharing.
Okay, I started the newtwork, BUT it's not working, broken, etc. I have a question out in the forum about it. If it isn't resolved tomorrow, I will start a new one tomorrow evening. Sorry for delays, etc.
No problem
I just didn't know if I had missed it.
Also, I just listened to your It's Elementary Podcast -- very nice. Great work!
Okay, go to:

and see if you can join. I'd say, trying joining as yourself, and with your dummy account.
I am in and I have created and posted, and received email via my gmail.
Seems to work fine.
I'm on, with two identities... Kind of fun!
I'm in as myself and myfakeself - enjoying the experiment so far, but interested to see what a private network wold be like.
You should check out the TechCamp network here.

It is a network for two grad classes Meg Ormiston taught this summer. We used Ning everyday, all day. It was very handy for uploading work for Meg to assess as well as share with other students.
Sure! Count me in!



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