Congratulations, if you've joined now you've officially beaten the rush.

Today is the first day for the Video in the Classroom group. While there may not be a lot of teachers integrating video production in the elementary classroom, if all of us can join together, we can make a powerful group.

The Ning site is terrific for sharing ideas/questions and projects in a simple format. I also like that you can set notifications to receive e-mails when things are posted or follow posts via RSS. It's also very easy to share projects on this site or links you've found.

Please introduce yourself to the group.

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LOL--of course I discovered this just AFTER I started a digital storytelling group! Oh well, we can share the love! (grin)

I created classroom documentaries with my 10th graders for a couple of years now. Pretty cool stuff. In fact, I'm doing a "how to" series on my blog, if you're interested. I also give a link to all my handouts.

Students start next week and I want to do everything NOW :) I teach technology in an elementary school. This year I will teach in the lab as well as go to classrooms for mentoring integrating tecnology in classrooms. I conducted an intro workshop for videos in the classroom: Last year I used my digital camera and began using a new little camera - Digital Blue Movie Creator. A favorite thing to do is use the videos in conjuction with our remote voters. We create videos and sneak math problems into the video.
I look forward to learning (& reading Jeri's blog) and sharing in this group.
Hey everyone
I'm Kevin and I teach sixth grade in Western Massachusetts.
I continue to move towards video production with my students but it is slow.
Our big video/movie unit is a collaborative unit around claymation (collaborative writing and video between sixth and second graders) and we use webcams, PCs and Moviemaker. What I notice is how engaged so many of the students become (even in a patience-driven world of claymation) when they are creating their very own movies.

But of course, for them, one of the highlights is asking, "Can we make bloopers?" even after I explain that real bloopers are by accident, not by design. That does not faze them in the least. And it makes me think there is some lesson there around bloopers and video and learning.

Any ideas?

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to this video in the classroom group.

I've noticed there are a lot of on purpose bloopers in kid's TV which may be what they are responding to. For example, in animated moments on the Lizzie MacGuire show and Ice Age and things like that (not to admit that I've watched any of these...a friend told me?)

It's great how the kinesthetic nature of clay animation motivates students to write.
I'm Greg Paulsen and I teach second grade in Balsam Lake Wisconsin. I'm also a technology trainer for our district. I am really into using video in the classroom. Kevin, I have also work with claymation and other stop-motion projects. I am attaching a QuickTime movie of the last project that we completed. It was done using iStopMotion,Garageband and iMovie.
This is wonderful. I am trying to figure out how I could accomplish this with a PC. I have done claymation using Movie Maker.
Hi - I'm Terry Smith, a 4th grade teacher in Hannibal, MO. I've been playing around with video for about a few years in various modes - Netmeeting, CuSeeMe, and now on to Sightspeed and Skype. Also used Polycom for creating .asf video files, and using video converters to size down movies for YouTube and Teacher Tube. Kids love it and it's a great exercise in planning, speaking, and video conference lessons. I'd like to find out what others are doing with video, maybe link our classrooms some time.
Hi - well, videos are happening - am running a multi-school project called Monsters. As part of the project, students are creating stories and videos. We watched some of the great videos on Mathew Needleman's site before beginning with our scripts. I have the videos on my ning site and also on our project page at:

What's going on in your classes?

hello all! I'm David and I teach a high school digital video class and elementary technology integration in Shanghai. I spent the last few years prior to my current job building a 3 level digital video curriculum as an art teacher in New York. With the elementary students we use imovie, and with the HS students we use Final Cut, After Effects, Flash, and Blender. Glad to have found this group- don't know how i missed it before!

One of our current projects is an international collaborative animation project that we're working on with 10 other schools around the world called 'rotoball'. You can find out more about it here if you're interested!
Wow! I have been looking for a group like this for a while!

My name is Chuck Serventi and I have been using video in my class to help differenciate for the past two years. I have been using helloWorld as the platform to do so. It is another social newtorking group, but its beauty is that there are no popups or ads.
Go to and look around.
With it, I can do live broadcasts to students who are absent, as well as video blog and podcast lessons to kids so they can watch lessons over and over again.
I look forward to being a part of a group that is comfortable with using video in their classrooms!!!

Chuck Serventi
Hello Matthew,

I decided to have students shoot their own commercials for their business unit in Open court, but now that we have the commercials I am not sure how to download them to a CD or how to edit them.

I would really appreciate any suggestions. we used a Sony CCD-TRV138 camera.
You can download them into Movie Maker and edit them with it. Then burn them to a CD



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