I would appreciate some help with the following problem. I am setting up a class webpage. I have decided to use a wiki for the purpose since I will be using a wiki for a couple of assignments anyway and they are very easy to configure. The trouble that I am running into is that I have 5 classes and I need to either have 5 separate wikis ($$$) or to have pages in one wiki restricted for each class. The two wikis that I am considering based on ease of use and flexibility are wikispaces and pbwiki. Neither one offer page-level access and each one would charge about $1000 a year (way outside of my budget) for 5 separate wikis. Even if I used another tool for the class webpage I would still need to have separate wikis for the assignments and I would still need separate class pages as well. Any ideas? Thanks. Tom

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HelpingStudents.org is nonprofit that provides free wikis for education purposes.
We provide page level access. The software is open source and your wiki may be downloaded and copied
to a school server.

in wikispaces you can have many seperate spaces in one account, I have six at the moment, one for each group I have plus one that I setup about prepositions for my English students here in Brasil to use. Just sign up for wikispaces and you'll see there is a link to click to create another space. Wikispaces is excellent and the easy to use. PBwiki I have an account but got so into using wikispaces that I didn't get around to trying it lol
I taught on class for teachers on how to use PB wiki and they sent me a t-shirt an one upgraded wiki for wiki pages. If you can't get page level access-you can disable the collaborator password at the end of the day. I use a blog at blogmeister where I can set up individual student password and access. Plus on that blog everything is submitted for teacher approval before it goes on the site.
Oh - I wish someone would answer this one! I'm in the same position. Once you start branching out the wiki hosts start charging lots of money. Please let me know if you get a good answer to this one.



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