As one of my personal, professional development goals, I learn about any NEW language within educational practice (pedagogy;) that I hear, so I can translate for myself and my peers. I would appreciate your feedback.

Recently, I learned of a NEW trend in the naming of differentiated learning and differentiated instruction. It seems there may be a NEW term in place. I am hearing about something called the "Umbrella Strategy" in conjuction with the term "Differentiated Instruction". That conjoining of terms may indicate a trend that signals change to a new vocabulary and away from the old.

Does anyone know about the Umbrella Strategy, in relationship to Differentiated Instruction or Learning?

Here are some websites that give a brief overview of Differentiated Instruction:

How to Differentiate Instruction
Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated description: with resources
Differentiating Instruction: Finding Manageable Ways
Fair Isn't Always Equal

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My guess is that an umbrella strategy is a group of strategies that are bunched together. I don't think it is a specific strategy. I've taught gifted kids for 20+ years and know a lot about how to differentiate, I've never heard that term. Hopefully we will both learn more from other commentors. N.
I agree with your guess Nancy, but you never know when something we already know about is repackaged. I too will be curious to learn more.



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