The iPhone is coming to the classroom ... or should I say, extending the class!
September marks a new ( school) year with many hopes, new goals, and new tools.. welcomed to my school bag is the Apple iPhone. I am turning it on today and adding to my Cape POD Cast project . Many thanks to the great MassCUE organization that supports teachers in the classroom and offering us the chance to bring it tom the next step!

Please contribute any suggestions or experiences - I will do the same!

Peg v: )

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I am interested in developing curriculum related to the many aspects of the iPhone. I purchased mine in late August, "investigated" uses for two days, turned it over to my nine-year-old and learned about 15 different things about it in about a half hour. Besides the fact that I cannot type as fast as my mind processes, I'd love to develop some curriculum around it if you are game. Let me know! Maybe a wiki would be best?

How have you added it into your classroom since Sept.?
Hi Peg,

I'll post this information here but if you could send me the Mobile Communications link to you wiki. In the meantime, I'll place some information here...just tidbits so I get them out of my book and post them somewhere! :)

World Clock
Historical facts / time recognition between US and other countries)
Ask students to find their favorite country or country of origin
Science - where is the sun at this time
Geography - Google Maps, Google Earth, World Clock
Timer Function
Countdown (PK-2 number recognition and counting), Timer for time management
Set Alarm
Ask student to decipher between analog and digital
Repeat Functions
Set Chores (classroom and/or home)
Take and send notes, to teacher or to each other, assessment tool
Use in gym, classroom management, Have students time each other Collect data and analyze in separate setting, In Music use the timer to set beats, teach beats, follow beats



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