This is the fifth in a series of forum posts asking for feedback on the software and services around the different categories of Classroom 2.0 programs. This time it's social bookmarking., Diigo, Furl, Simpy, or some other?

Which are your favorites and why?
What features are important to you?
(If you're feeling verbose) What are the pros and cons of the programs you've tried?

Hopefully, these discussions will provide an unparalleled reference for new users making choices about what tools to use.

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How about, you open a group can invite, reject and ban members and moderate links there is a also a link ranking system. Just checked back on a group I started over a year ago, it now has 42 members -
I prefer the simplicity of delicious however certainly seems to have the features you are looking for.
I am in the UK (Telford)

I have set up an account which a number of Secondary School teachers contribute to.

We have tried to catagorise it so it easy to use

BSF - stands for Building School for the Future
ICTAC - stands for ICT across the curriculum
This is a great bookmark list. Thanks for sharing!
You can have teachers tag things with their name and rating as one of the tags: Mrs_D_5star or Mrs_D_top_pick

It's a bit clunky, but then everyone can search for Mrs_D's top choices, narrow the list...

I use for my personal lists. It's simple, has folders and is neat and tidy---nothing fancy.
As columnist in the educational website space (Surfing the Net with Kids), I have started a social bookmarking site aimed at educators and parents interested in K12 education:

I would love feedback during our beta phase of testing and development. Anyone interested in joining us? Currently you can get an "invitation code" by signing up for the mailing list (on the Register button.)

You can import your existing bookmarks from your browser and from We have a toolbar and browser search plugin to ease use .. and have the start of a really terrific community.
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For me, it's Diigo all the way!!! The highlighting and annotating tools are phenomenal I have 4th grade students who use Diigo highlighting when researching, and they love it. A colleague and I have a wiki with Diigo resources:
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I see this is an old resurrected thread, but I'll add my two cents. I like Pligg because it is free and open source allowing you to set up your own social bookmarking platform for a class or school. It functions very much like Digg. Since I can access the code, I have been able to hack it so it suitable for a school setting--closed off registration, worked in moderation system, etc.

I have a couple blog posts on it. Here's the second. I haven't quite finished my hacks, but I'd be glad to share them.
I use EPEE Software for Teachers. I would be glad to tell you how easy and wonderful it is, but I might be bias. Three minute videos are online along with a free trial.



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