I am in the process of designing a training approach to help schools address the issue of bullying and cyber-bullying and I'm trying to gather as many good resources as possible. If anyone would like to share ideas, I am all ears!
Thanks in advance!

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I actually went to a lecture called "Effects of Ostracism" (bullying). The lecturer even addressed cyber-bullying as well. His name is Kipling D. Williams. Hopefully you can find some things he has done. It is a very interesting topic.
Try these
you can’t take it back - worksheets to go along on these websites

Feathers – good for younger grades re: gossip

Talent show
Think before you post
Childnet International

There are some interesting resource links in the cyberbullying section from a wiki scavenger hunt that my classmates and I created last month. Hope it helps. Here's the URL: http://savvyeteens.wikispaces.com/

Pick students from different "clicks" or clubs/sports and have them roll play different scenerios that the school gives them. Do it in an auditorium so the entire student population is present. I think it will change their perspective and bring them closer

Hello! I have had to deal with bullying in schools pretty much my entire life. There is a movie produced by ABCFamily called Cyberbully that explains the danger and what could happen to a studnet when information that is not true gets spread around.



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