Just started using some cool web 2.0 tools this fall, Moodle being my biggest addition. Told kids one goal of mine was not hand out or collect any papers this year. We'll see. Anyway, my grammar text is on backorder. Thought I might jump on the chance to ditch it and pick up something good on DVD instead. Our school became a 1 to 1 this year so kids have computers in class daily. I was using Warriner's High School Handbook in hard copy. I have several good reasons for dropping the text, but I like the explanations and the exercises in Warriner's. Any ideas?

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Have the students write new ones in a wiki
That could be very cool. I have a class set of books I could use for reference. Could be really neat. I could have kids insert cool links to grammar girl along the way as relevant. Hmm. Thanks for the idea. I like it. Would love anyone to suggest any other hip sites for grammar instruction that my 10th graders might like.
I just set up two book discussions for elementary students using Moodle--had used Blackboard in the past but this was my first time Moodling. It is pretty easy to set up and the upkeep would be relative to the kinds of things you were posting. There are some things I don't like about the way it looks but if I had more info I could change that.

These book discussion will require time because I will comment on each post, but as far as having to do anything to the content-- once it's done it's done. Several years ago I did several nice curriculum units (online classes) for my kids with Blackboard and it was cool. We used the grading system and several of the other options.



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