I'm looking for a website available to students that can answer some of their questions about DNA. That will conceptualize DNA, and allow them to look through the material at their own pace. It cant be too technical, and I would like it to help spur their interest in the subject.

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This is a PBS NOVA website. The crime is not violent or brutal...should be OK for kids. Includes a gel electrophoresis simulated lab.
Hi Nick,

Some good resources posted already, you may also want to check out this activity from the Annenberg Foundation on DNA aimed at Grade 9-12 s....

I suggest an excellent website that teaches the whole Biology, including DNA.

Try Biology Questions and Answers and there choose Biochemistry/ Nucleic Acids and Cell Biology/ Cell Nucleus.
I organize the links that I use in class in a wiki. I have a section devoted to genetics. Help yourself!
Here is one of my favorite sites on the Web: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/

I think you'll like it.
Hi Nick,

As a recent subscriber to 23andMe this has definitely been on my mind and it is a topic of a post I want to write on my blog for sure. I visited their website and can't think of a better way in the world to learn about DNA then this site. There are some nice kid-friendly educational videos on the site as well. What I think would be fascinating...and, of course, really difficult (but not impossible) would be to have kids have their own DNA analyzed. Yes, this would be a bit of a nightmare, but I was actually thinking it could be an elective version of a science class that received parental consent. Then you have the issue of cost, but I feel like you could get a grant. Or...you could have some kind of contest where one student got to send in their DNA and the class studied this student...although, there are still lots of issues.

The easy way to do this though is they have a real sample profile and through that there is a ton to learn. I would definitely recommend checking it out. If your students are like me, authentic learning about real people is what makes it tick for me. There is also a whole social networking aspect which students would likely be fascinated by. I'd recommend starting with Genetics 101. You should also check out section called, "Variations" which says, "Our genes help shape us from the moment of conception, but they are far from the only determinant of who we are. 23andMe's Variations series explores the human experience through personal stories of the ways genetics touches our lives."

I think if nothing else you can give students options for DNA learning and discovery as I am sure this would be the magic bullet for students like me :)
Hi Nick and those interested in the topic. The question inspired me to write a post about how to use 23andMe in the classroom. I invite those interested to check out the post 23andMe Provides Authentic and Personalized Learning Opportunities ... which points to specific places on the site that would be beneficial for instruction and some ideas for how to implement the instruction.



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