I have been thinking lately about how Web 2.0 could enhance the lives of administrators and principals. Administrators are busy, overwhelmed with practical tasks required to keep the school functioning smoothly. What can Web 2.0 add? Here are my answers. Please help me by adding yours.

1. Blogging - administrator blogs can reflect on daily tasks or larger issues. They can also be a way to communicate to students, parents, the community.

2. Wikis - how often do you need to work collaboratively with another individual or a group to create a document? A wiki is a good way to do this.

3. Google docs & spreadsheets - another way of working collaboratively with others, or easily sharing documents

4. Google calendar - share information about what's going on, events, schedules, holidays, etc.

5. RSS feeds - get the news and blog posts you want to read all in one place.

What else?

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I love that! You guys must be a hard group to manage though! Haha! Seriously, I have a hard time following chat in online workshops, listening and processing at the same time. Maybe my brain's too calcified.
Yes, we frighten even ourselves ... and we are all also on Facebook and Twitter!

So, since you've posted this query, I really think that having a Facebook page and Twitter account are becoming essential. I'll soon be creating one for my school - the challenge will be finding someone to update it. There are A LOT of parents here on Facebook. Having one of those automatic tools which post simultaneously to FB, Twitter, and a blog isn't a bad idea.

My Principal swore just a year ago that she'd never have a Facebook account ... but six months later, she had one. She keeps it very personal, to friends and family only. She has just recently created a separate "Principal" account for Facebook, which is what she uses to connect to the PTSA and local community members.

I'm a little more open with mine, but I also live in the small community where I work.



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