Help my fifth graders learn about the state where you live.

I want my students to learn about the United States from people who live in the different states, instead of just using travel web sites. If I put together a list of questions for each state, (such as, "What are the most fun places an energetic 10-year-old can go in your state on a Saturday in the summer?") I am hoping people on this web site will respond with answers. Is this the right place to post the questions? Are there other good web sites or web tools that would hook me up with teachers/students who would respond to my fifth graders questions? I know what I want to do but not how to start... Help!

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I live in Las Vegas NV, so I am willing to help in any way possible. Just send me a message of what you are looking for!
We're the sixth largest Christmas tree producer.
We are the home of the northernmost civil war battle, and home of two brothers and their 13 sons, all of whom served in the Civil War, and most of whom became officers and generals.
787 miles of our border are water.
We are home to many of your favorite brands, including the Hollister, Victorias Secret, Smuckers, Jif, Abercrombie & Fitch.
If you want to be President, your odds will be much better if you are from our state.
Annie Oakley, of Buffalo Bills Wild West show came from here. So did Cy Young.
If you see a square ranch or plot of land from the air, you know that you're west and south of here, as the American Land Survey System started here.
We are home to the United States Air Force Materiel Command, the people who build the fighters, missiles and satellites.
We live in Australia, in country Victoria. We are a small rural school in a farming community. (300 students) If you like ,we could also join you on this project. Our students could also learn about the USA which we would really enjoy. I have grade 6 two lessons a week for technology.
Gayle, Sharon, et. al,

I am in the Okefenokee Swamp, ok, not exactly in the swamp but in Waycross, GA. I teach K-5th grades in the computer lab. I would gladly help out with anything you need. I can see all kinds of great projects being combined here. (Wikispaces, Google Earth, Voicethread, class collaborations, etc, etc..) jfarmer{at} is my email or feel free to skype me as well: jfarmer29 on skype.

for you google earth users, I've uploaded my school kmz file. Just open it and google earth will take you to me... ohhh wait, that sounds scary.. I mean, google earth will show you my school.

Looking forward to working together.

Jim Farmer
Gayle, I have a fifth grade class in South Australia and we would love to join in with whatever you get going. I am currently setting up my class WIki page (slowly) so am looking to hook up wiht others who are setting out on new journeys too. Email me if you are interested in us being involved in your survey



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