I would be very interested to hear from anybody who teaches in the UK and uses any of the internet 'collaborative' applications in their teaching or on an intranet basis. I am working on a BECTA project which is getting an overview of Web 2.0 usage in schools and would love hear from you.

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Hi Kit

You should try Yacapaca (www.yacapaca.com). I first came across it when Head of ICT at Kings Norton High/Girls School in Birmingham. You can create high quality Flash based assessments (as well as using a vast array of pre-prepared material) AND track pupil performance. There are a number of "Authoring Groups" that you can join (or create your own) where the reality of collaboration is realised. Departments, Schools, LEAS...... and beyond. You can join, use what the group has produced and then, hopefully, you add your own material to the group for the benefit of all.
Hi Mike,

Many thanks and please keep the information coming in!
A couple of sites that I use regularly would get my vote: wikitextbook and Yacapaca.

I set up and use wikitextbook as an on-line tool for collaborative learning. It has been great for my students, but it has yet to really take off.... I hope that one day it will be a free on-line textbook for all.

In contrast, Yacapaca has really taken off! I was one of the early users of the site and I set up a group for GCSE Business Studies. As teachers are able to join the group and add/edit questions a community forms spontaneously around each of the authoring topics, e.g. my Business group. This is the key feature that makes it a great web 2.0 application. As Mike mentioned there are many great 1.0 features that make it a great on-line quiz, exercise book, portfolio etc.
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