Okay - I have to admit to the real reason I'm so excited about Web 2.0. I want to be famous. Okay, maybe only among a couple hundrend school teachers - but it's a start. Today I got an e-mail from Steve Hargadon asking me to podcast a quote from my blog entry for a keynote he is giving. How cool is that.

When I was in college, I wanted to be an actress. I gave up that dream, but now I have a chance to find fame (maybe not fortune) somewhere else. Who knew? Who would have thought that it could happen to a bunch of school teachers. I haven't published a book, but there are people around the world reading my blog. I haven't been interviewed on NPR, but a whole bunch of people I don't even know are going to hear my voice. Maybe it isn't Will Richardson fame, but it's a start.

Maybe you are smiling right now reading this, but sadly, I'm not joking. I'm a fame junkie and I admit it. I know I'm not alone. Who else out there is searching for a little bit of stardust?

(I posted this to my ning blog, but this seems like a better place to start a conversation.)

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but Liz, you ARE famous!



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