Tech application for making a story out of hand-carved critters?

I have some kids who want to make a story with their little clay creatures. They want to use photos of their creatures on various backgounds, with narration and music. They're inclined to use iMovie. I told them I'd ask my teacher network. Does this sound workable, or shall I guide them to other applications?

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Claymation projects are quite big with elementary and middle school students here in Maine. Many use camcorders to get the short videos and then iMovie, Movie Maker or a purchased product - Avid Cinema, Macromedia etc.

Here are some reference links that I have used:
I can't wait to share the resources others have posted for you with my classes. They are education majors. But, I would suggest iStopMotion by Bonix software If you have an iSight camera or even a movie camera, although iSight is super easy. It is also nice to have a lazy susan turntable and mark it off in 16 sections. I put the marks on the edge so you can see them. That way the kids know just how much to move the object each time. In my college class we did some problem solving on different ways to make the wheels that turn. Became pretty creative, we also discovered that the little plastic microwave turntables are cheap and work great.

The iStopmotion has some excellent examples and good instructions.

Good luck and I would love to show some of you student projects with my college class sometime.



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