I loved Brain pop . At the MACUL conference I won a lab acces account for a year- then it was over. It is way too expensive to buy for the lab. I do search teacher tube and Youtube but wondered if anyonew has found anything similar to the brain pop movies. My kids used to love tem

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I know, it is expensive. I'm thinking of just buying the teacher account and letting them view the movies on the SmartBoard at the front of the classroom. I hope others have some ideas!
How about having the students create these kinds of mini-movies? They would be fun to make with comic strip software, any drawing program, or an animation tool like Twist.

if kids can be creators of content, they will understand it better, rather than just watching someone else's movie. and i bet they would even love them more!
I love the idea of students creating their own "Brain Pop" type movies. I am not familiar with the comic strip software or "Twist" animation tool. Could you give more information about where to locate them?
I know lots of people love Comic Life (Mac) and maybe someone who knows more about this software could provide a Windows version.

And I got Twist confused with Frames - Frames is the stop motion animation program. it's very fun and usable by pretty young kids. Watch the video intro and you can see what it does. (Twist is a simple illustrator program - also very useful!)
Education City might offer you some alternative to Brain Pop, http://www.educationcity.com/start/

We use both Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. here.

Also, you can find lots of good apps such as frames by going here, http://tech4learning.com/
Education City is priced out at almost $500 for each separate module (math, science, lang. art etc). It is more expensive than BrainPop.

Comic life is available for windows as well. Our county chipped in as several schools and had a discount on large amount of licenses.




Thanks for lots of good ideas. I do have frames and love tech4learning. What I loved about brain pop was that they were there already done and nice little intro's. Alas no cash to buy.

I instead have been searching teacher tube and you tube and finding little intro video's and embedding them right on the wiki page. I also took you guys up on the suggestion to have kids make their own . At one of my schools I had 2nd grade kids draw in Kid Pix , imported them into photostory, and then saved as a windows media file. I posted it on the wiki page and the kids loved seeing their drawing and words. The voice over part was a bit scratchy so I ended up with just music in the background,

So I guess I will get over brain pop!

Would it be possible for your building to buy an account and allow students to use the teacher account? 



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