What 'Tech Tool' Has Had The Greatest Impact On Your Teaching?

I am wondering what tech tools have had the greatest impact on your teaching and student learning. What has really transformed how you go about the teaching/learning process?

By tech tools, I mean: gadgets, smartboards, web2.0 tools, browser plug-ins, software, etc....a very broad definition.

I think it would be handy to create a list here of what people really use on a day to day basis. Of particular interest would be tools that were not used in the recent past but have now become a "must have" :)

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I do agree to this. Wiki is a powerful tool for collaborating and engaging students in a common project.
For me, the hands-down winner has been Prezi.com. Assigning a project there created a learning revolution in my classroom and my students used ten times as much research as I ever would have assigned on my own.

I don't want to single out one! I have a whole tool kit!

For me personally - Evernote (though having said for me - I used a shared notebook recently to share some information with students), Diigo for my hundreds of bookmarks and its research tools and WordPress - several blogs to share information with teachers and students.

With students - Wikispaces so we can have a space where we all have ownership and can collaborate and Moodle. Moodle for providing information mostly, though the forums have been used a little at school.

As a Mathematics teacher I love all the excellent free resources out there - I'll second Rashmi's earlier recommendation of GeoGebra - there is also a version available with younger students in mind. There are many online resources available for learning about GeoGebra.





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