I have experienced that communication between teachers, children and parents can sometimes be quite incomplete and full of gaps. Messages disappear or are misunderstood. Many things are redundant. As most parents, children and teachers have access to internet I have thought about introducing a 2.0 solution for all parties of the class. Instead of writing messages and copying them for parents teachers could post them online. Instead of informing about a child's absence via phone parents could deposit a few words online. And many more things.

Has anyone of you introduced an open-source 2.0 tool for that purpose? Which experience have you made? I would love to exchange experience with you and develop some new ideas.


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I also have 350+ students, this year has been especially hard because of the influenza absentees. I use engrade.com to keep in touch with them.

This online gradebook and course builder gives each student & parent a code, and THEY are responsible of staying up to date. I use this site a lot with. My students as a "file transfer" system and ALL of my activities are posted, so they are familiar with it and can easily use it at home.
It also allows them to private message me or post replies to my activities.
SinceI began using this, my parent-teacher meetings have greatly decreased.

Edu20.org is another great tool!
I should have searched out this thread before I started a discussion about twitter and cell phones. Many of the answers I have for in a poll are here. Would you mind completing the poll? And have you used twitter to connect with parents?



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