Does anyone know of a good video hosting/streaming site that allows you to embed video into another website without advertising attached? I am willing to invest a bit of cash for such a service, and I had one last year that worked perfectly for me but now seems to have gone belly up.

What I want to do is share original puppet shows on my school website and avoid the YouTube, Google Video, etc, links to offsite places. I just want the videos embedded in one webpage that I have created.

I would turn to TeacherTube, but lately, it seems as if the buffering in its embedded videos takes forever (or is that just me?)

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,

If you could use your school's server (not sure that if can) and convert your movies to flash using Flash Video Encoder (costs money) or (totally free) and put them on your own web page that's a sure fire way to have it be advertising free. If you use flash vs. quicktime it should play plenty fast.
Good idea, Matt.
So if I convert to flash, then I can embed just using some generic html code?
I'm using Dreamweaver so it generates its own code automatically. I just drag flash onto page.

If you have to write your own code, this may help:

I'm not sure what kind of file zamzar will give you. Most likely flv and you'll need swf I think. There is probably a free utility to do convert that if you search. Most of this is done behind the scenes of the pay programs I'm used to so I might be wrong about some of the technical details but there is a way to do it yourself.
I like Vimeo for hosting the kids' creations
Durff, could you post an example of a web page with Vimeo video embedded on it?
I was going to ask the same thing, Matt
Go to a commercial web host and get shared server account. That's what we ended up doing for our entire school website. It is very easy and very inexpensive.

You can get more space than you could ever really use for under $5/mo.

I am a little puzzled by the reliance on YouTube. Flickr, etc. by schools when an advertising free option is so simple, easy, and inexpensive.

Let me know if you want more information.

I hear you, Steve, and I guess I am running into a difficulty that others run into:
I don't control the keys the tech closet (not literally). In other words, I am not the webmaster of our school site and I have been told we don't have space for video on our server.

I suppose I could set up my own website and host things from there -- I think that is what you are suggesting. I rely on some of the other hosting sites (such as Google Vid) for ease of operations and to make my life easier. I don't really want to become a webmaster.

What sites for web hosts do you recommend?

I appreciate the advice and it is something for me to ponder.

It is not nearly as complicated as it might appear. The control panels provided by most hosts make the management and set up quite simple. Besides, if all you want to do is host video files, you'd only need to upload them to the shared server, then have the school's web master put in a little snippet of code to embed the video on the school's website pointing to your video file.

Of course, once you see the ease with which the control panel installs free open source web software, you might want to set up a little WordPress Blog. There are scores of scripts you can install with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks: blogs, wikis, discussion boards, galleries, etc.

Once I made the plunge, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she discovered the man behind the curtain. Having discovered the ease and power, I persuaded our school superintendent to give it a try for our school website. Suddenly all the obstacles disappeared. If we can conceive it and it adheres to school policy, we can do it.

I use Hostgator, but there are many fine providers out there.

Thanks, Streve.
Your post is encouraging.
I will investigate.
There are host that offer free web sites to teachers. Google and Lunar pages come to mind. I have some others linked to from:

But it sounds like you're more concerned about the tech part than the money part.
Our district uses - It is a nonprofit product created by Syracuse University to assist in archiving video content but also tags and references clips.



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