I'm looking to find teachers who are interested in collaborating with primary school classrooms through the use of a blog, wiki or flickr and maybe even Skype. We study continents and I'd love to communicate with a classroom on a different continent to share photos, classroom events, and each others' cultures. I would appreciate actual email addresses of teachers you know who would be open to such an exchange possibility next school year. thanx in advance

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Hi Sue,

I'd love to collaborate with you! I'm currently teaching middle school IT, but will be transitioning to Elementary next year, so I'd love to start planning early. I will be at the International School Bangkok, working as the 21st Century Literacy specialist in the Library. I should be able to work with any grade level from K-5 :) Does that work for you?
Sounds interesting! I teach a year 5/6 class (10 &11 year olds) in Brisbane in Australia. I might be interested in joining you. Can you give me more details such as when you might like to do this and what activities you would envision? I think it would be fun to exchange facts about our countries and maybe even have some kind of "Trivia Game" where each school asks other schools questions about their countries. I would love to use Skype with your class - just have to get the 'techies' to unblock it!

I am also doing a collaborative online project this year. It is based around students designing and creating wind-powered land yachts. Check out the site: http://www.oz-teachernet.edu.au/projects/yachts
Maybe your class would like to join us?

I look forward to hearing from you!
Nadine :))



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