Oh I meant to add to my other post... I'm looking for excellent examples of using iWeb and iWork in the classroom for two upcoming conferences: Macworld and the Illinois Technology Conference for Teachers. Send me any links to things you think are stellar! Thanks!

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You can use my website, It won the best student-centered site from Digital Education 2007. It is an iweb site. www.carolbroos.com

On the site is my Japan site, a teacher (www.beatechie.com) site, and many student sites, two iWeb sites that are terriic are www.lazertron,net and www.chordsville.com. I just started an all-district site, (www.pod29.net) the podcasts were just posted (Middlefork Moments is a hoot, by third graders)

Use what you want. I'll be at the ICE conference in February, but will miss the MacWorld.

On my www.beatechie.com site is a flyer that was created in Pages.
Thanks, Carol. Got everything bookmarked except for the all-district site... that link doesn't seem to be working. Looking forward to meeting you possibly at IL-TCE!
Oops, the all-district site is www.pod29.com, thanks - see you at IL-ICE!
My 5th grade students and I put together this site (www.greenmonkeyschools.com)with iWeb in 2006. I ended up following the same group to sixth grade and we updated the site and created a companion site this year called www.greenmonkeybusiness.com.

Both sites are about recycling and the green use of resources. Green Monkey Schools is about how other schools can recycle and save energy in their schools and Green Monkey Business (still under construction) is about recycling at businesses. For the schools site we did research on recycling and saving energy and then built the website. Each group of students created one page on a specific topic. Over the past year and a half we've gone to 4 schools to present the website and it's gone over well.

We did the same for the business site, but this time interviewed businesses about their use of resources. The students made their pages for it, but we've still got some editing and video to add to it, so it won't go live for a little while.
Thanks, Mike! By the way, I'm bookmarking all my finds in del.icio.us!
Hi Nick. Would you please elaborate on this a little bit. Your newsletter looks great and I think it might work for me. I have a few questions:
-Does the email appear as a link in the recipient's email message, or is it imbedded?
-Can it be sent out using gmail?
- I am playing with iWeb '09 and I don't see anything that looks like the newsletter template you created. Can you please provide some guidance?

Many thanks for your help,

Here are a couple of examples....I hope it isn't too late....web.mac.com/shavonlouis and http://web.mac.com/jennyortiz
The music teacher at my school does wonderful things with iWeb. You can check it out here:

He is the site I created for my wife in iWeb...




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