I am planning to invite a couple of people to be guest bloggers on my blog in January and February (2008), and I am curious about how other people have handled the issue of publishing the posts.

Did you provide your guest bloggers with their own login for posting or did you have your guest bloggers just email their posts to you?

I welcome any suggestions from anyone who has experience with guest blogging. Thanks!

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On wordpress you can assign roles so that someone can only edit their own posts. They can save their posts but can't publish them. The administrator approves posts.
Thanks Matthew!

I've used that feature before for permanent co-authors of group blogs, but I wasn't sure if anyone used it for guests. That just might work for this little project.
I think it depends on whether they will be posting on a regular basis. If it is a one time thing, it might be easier to have them email you the post.

Have you selected your guest bloggers yet? I am interested in the doing the same with my site www.teachertechblog.com, and would be interested in doing an exchange.
They will probably post more than once -- and I will be very busy during that time -- so giving them access via a guest account may be the best solution.

I have actually had a couple of people contact me within the past month requesting some sort of guest post on my blog (one from a student working on a dissertation and another from the author of a new book), and after reviewing their work I have emailed them to discuss the possibility of doing this in a few weeks. The timing is right for me and their work is in alignment with the general topics of my blog.

What type of exchange did ou have in mind?
I, too, am interested in this concept.
We'd be interested in having some student bloggers join us. I teach in a gifted program and my bloggers are 4-6th graders. If you have any students who want to be a guest blogger at our site, let me know.

One of my guest bloggers is a high school student. I can email him and point him in your direction if you would like. I don't know if you are looking for students who are in the same age range as your students, or if any K-12 student bloggers will work for your project.

I was hoping to snag some kiddos that were about the same age---not too cynical yet.
I got Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, to blog with us. He wanted to email directly to me, so I posted his replies for him on my blog (scholarlynx.blogspot.com). Martel is rather famous and busy, so he wanted the most convenient means possible. Of course, I was willing to accommodate to get his time. Two great artists, Andrea Offermann of Germany and Tomislav Torjanac of Croatia, had Google accounts already and were more than familiar with blogspots. I know one thing: my guest bloggers sparked more significant thinking than I could I have. My next step is to ask area professors to join our blog conversations. A win-win. My students learn more from nearby scholars; these scholars are "recruiting" for their colleges by being in touch with potential enrollees.

Matt C.



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