How to find an interesting mathematical research problem for a student in 7th grade ?

These days my daughter and I together wish to prepare a PLE in the area of mathematichs. She studies in 7th grade in a Mathematical school (13 years old). The idea is how to use a PLE for upgrading the school mathematical knowledge (I know how to organize a PLE) . But I have a problem with finding an interesting research problem in mathematics. May be in this social network there are the mathematics school teachers or parents with the same problems. Please, give me ideas how to find an enganging mathematical problem for research!

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Check out The Math Forum. They've been around for 15 years, and have really really good stuff. Well organized, all grades levels, imaginative stuff that goes leaps and bounds beyond memorizing and worksheets.

There are free forums, teacher support, and the whole "Ask Dr. Math" database of questions and answers. Check out the FAQs and "classic problems" section - great word problems, probability games, fun stuff. They also have a grade sorted list of other sites that host math problems and challenges.

Unfortunately they now charge for access to one of the best areas, their "Problem of the Week" archives. But you might find it worth it to buy a membership if this is an ongoing need. It runs about $15-$100 depending on what level of access you purchase (explanation here)
Hi Malinka,

The Teacher Toolbar has some good resources with more added on a regular basis.

Perhaps doing something using Origami? Here are a couple of similar and possible idea-inspiring sites: (Kids and cardboard)

And in French (perhaps a language and math lesson combination):



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