I found Shelfari at Teach A Gifted Child. You can see my shelf here. I haven't searched the site carefully but it looks like when you click on my book you get a review--by a kid. Let me know if you find anything inappropriate for kids on the site. .

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So far, so good Nancy. (I got distracted from vetting and started looking at the books - what a surprise!)
Looks quite helpful.
Just another in the amazing arsenal of Web 2.0 tools. I presented at NECC for 5 years starting in 1998--the exhibitors were touting all kinds of free sites-- RiverDeep, Blackboard, Big Chalk, eboard, etc. It wasn't long until many of the sites were gone and many others were fee-based. Wonder how long some of the things I'm "wow-ing" about now will be gone or charge a fee. Right now the number of "wow" sites is pretty amazing and my kids have really enjoyed using a lot of them. I'm just going to enjoy them as long as I can. Now---get back to stocking your shelves.

Speaking of things that are cool that used to be free did you ever see keeboo.com? It had bookshelves too, but the kids wrote the virtual books to put on those virtual shelves.

Your class blog is absolutely lovely! And this looks like a fun widget. Thank you for sharing!
This is very cool. I can see possible applications for this on a personal, professional development, and classroom basis. I've already added the widget to my blog to test it out. I'll have to look into it further before using directly with students. Thanks Nancy!
This is a neat site. Now I only need the time to be able to read the books I can put on my shelf!
Cheat--and put books on the shelf your kids have read!
I really love this tool. I was going to give my Grade 12 Western Civ class a book list where they had to pick a book and then review it. This site might give us a place to put the kids' reviews thereby giving the exercise a lot more purpose. Neat. My classbook shelf (subject to heavy revision) is here: www.shelfari.com/mrpuffin/
Good idea--your link didn't work! N
I noticed that. I thought it was our system here at school. (Something's wrong here today here at school..) If you paste the url www.shelfari.com/mrpuffin/shelf into your browser it will work even if it doesn't seem to work from within Ning.
Got it, looks, good. I do think the kids will like it.



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