I first noticed this application on this very site. I was wondering how many people have been using Edusim in their classroom and if so how. I have it installed on a computer hooked up to our smartboard and have been testing it out and using the lessons but wanted to see what others might be doing w/ it.


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Here is the Greenbush ning--I think they are the Edusim guys, maybe they have some good ideas. http://greenbush.ning.com/
Hello David. I hope you are having luck with it ! We will have formal training material for Edusim in late Feb and more lessons coming out soon as well (some built by other students) - the lessons are here - http://edusim3d.com/?page=parts.php&part=3

In our labs we have done things like building a virtual colony on Mars. Building a habitat... thing like that.

Let me know if you any further questions or ideas !
I have been watching all the video and finally downloaded a copy. Unfortunately I had trouble. I got the red start screen, pressed accept and the got an error message something about VMware failure. I haven't had time to try again but I can't wait. I have a Promethean and I think the kids (and I) would love it. I will post again if I get it going. What's your impression thus far? Id it as captivating as it looks?
I believe you will need to install the OpenAL driver here - http://www.edusim3d.com/oalinst.exe

A quick DL & install.

There are also some user ideas in the users forum: http://edusim3d.com/forum
I downloaded the software, watched a few videos, and moved a rabbit around the screen. My first thought was wow, this could be SO cool! 2nd thought - When do I have time to learn another software product?!?! My solution is to hook up the Smartboard, show the videos, and let my high school class play around & see what we can discover. Then I will see if I can't make the drive to this February workshop - I think it's about 4 hours away. Any chance you'll be presenting at the MACE conference in March? Please!!!
we will be in the Wichita later this year doing Edusim trainings- but we will not be at MACE darnit !
When you are in Wichita will it be open training? I SO want to attend this! I can't get off work to attend the training at Greenbush, but Wichita is just a 25 min. drive from me. I am fascinated by the possibilites this offers! And too bad about MACE - I always get so many new ideas there.
Rich, I was able to install on my laptop but for whatever reason it just doesn't want to cooperate on the desktop. No big deal. My son was home from college for the weekend with a friend and I asked their impression since they grew up with gaming platforms. Where's the other player, what's the object? Is there a weapon? How do we get to the next level. They felt the need to compete and conquer the 'world'. I'm not a gamer so I don't have the same kinds of expectations. How do you respond? They also had some reservations about the handling of the navigation movement. personally I plan to use this for kindergarten and they are a very different audience. Even so, all my kindergarteners are gamers.Some have wii's, guitar heroes and other games. They want to interact in a very real way. I have to spend some time trying to create my own space and will do in the next month or so at which time I'm sure I'll have more questions. I love the concept and want to be around to watch it grow.
View the Edusim as you would Smartboard's notebook software.... except with another axis ... that is the best way I can describe the projects mission...... adding another axis to the whiteboard (hight width & depth)

So a 3D lesson driven (interactive & multi-user) whiteboard experience.... where the learning objects are 3D and directly manipulatable - so comparing it to a game may be the wrong metaphor.
I forgot to mention -- our Edusim Lesson Packs are located here - http://edusim3d.com/?page=parts.php&part=3

Will have several more in the coming weeks.... Got to show the butterfly life cycle lesson at the Boston Immersive Education Summit last weekend on the e-beam surface device ..... had a lot of fun !
Training booklets are almost done ! - We will be live streaming a training Monday Feb 11th & Feb 18th from http://edusim.ning.com



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