One Laptop Per Child Project Extends to American Students

This was recently announced and may be of interest to some in this community. Here is the Washington Post story. Here is a BBC story on the topic.

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This is a great idea. Connecting kids around the globe. Loads of educational possibilities. Add to that it is a really cool little laptop! The fact it can be dropped and survive is simply a technology teachers dream. Dust proof, water proof, and a daylight screen. Here's hoping it wakes up Aplpe and Dell to create a more kid friendly laptop as well and at a lower price

Now I realize the intent is to provide low cost laptops for children who do not have access to technology. I also think the XO has proven something to the overall laptop market as well.

a. Educators want technology produced for kids to be more reliable
b. You can sell laptops based on Linux
c. Collaboration and Open Source software is here to stay
d. Making the OS source code more accessable encourages users to modify and customize their machines
e. Intel and dell have discovered new markets

I ordered my XO in the G1G1 program-still waiting to get it. They have had some major distribution problems and I have a kids asking me all day every day (at the beginning of each 50 minute class period )...Is it here yet? When I get mine I'll let you know if it really able to take the abuse it is advertised to do.... I still have no shipping date and I finally got an email response saying it owuld arrive arly in 2008...I have no idea what that means.



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