I've noticed that there aren't that many new posts to help and inspire English language learners. 

I'm an ESL teacher, currently living and teaching in Hungary. In my experience the fastest, best way to improve your English is by practising (as I'm sure most people would agree). Speak as much as you can. There’s a good website I show most of my students: wordperfectenglish.com where you can join for free and message and video chat with people all around the world. And there are so many other sources online.

What other resources did/do you find useful when learning a new language?

We really need to take advantage of 21st century technology and use these resources to become more confident speakers! :)

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I have really enjoyed learning from Larry and his ESL learners blog.  http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/

Students I have worked with enjoy Duolingo as a centers app, there is even a teacher connection piece now so that you can view student progress.





I agree with you but the idea is we need teachers to enforce and facilitate the use of technology in and out of the classroom. The websites and the internet help a lot in developing the students language. We need only as teachers to guide the learners and show them the best ways of using the websites.  Thank you

Thanks for inspiration, VIcky!



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