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I have been given the charge to find an AUP that has a focus on WEB 2.0 technology. We are beginning to discuss Web 2.0 and how it is impacting the classroom environment.  We want to look at how other districts address it. 

My Request:
Would you be so kind to forward your AUP (WEB 2.0 focus) to me? This would save a lot of work and help my district begin this journey.

Any thoughts on how we should approach this at the district level would also be appreciated.

Big Thanks!!


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I have been charged with the same task and would appreciate any good information you receive. I don't mind pioneering but would rather follow a path that is already in place.

Thank you.

Mike Hill
District Instructional Technology Coach
Chester County Schools
Chester, SC
Thanks for your post! I am just amazed that with all the talk of Web 2.0 technology, this is something that has not been brought up yet. I could be wrong. If I am send me a link to the resource.

As this discussion develops, maybe we can work together to create a resource for others.

Just a thought.

Hi Antwon

My district is in the process of opening its network to all (guest, students bring their own laptops, etc) so we had to complete a new AUP (applicable to anyone who access the network). Plus we're actively encouraging students and staff to take full advantage of many web 2.0 tools. It's currently being run pass the lawyer and then on to board approval, but feel free to use as a model.


Full credit, we lifted a good portion of it from the Federal gov'ts cyber crime division (we liked it a lot - short, simple, and to the point). That can be found here: AUP Example.



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