Considering what we have seen happen throughout act 1 and 2, how do you think Walter and Benetha's immature actions have made an infulence in Ruth's character at the closing of act 2? Explain in your opinion how Ruth has dealt with their actions and why she's the one that has to be responsible for them.



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I think that Ruth is acting like Walter and Beneatha's mother. she has to work, cook, clean and their immature actions are just making her tired and stressing her out. She has to work to provide for the house and it's just making Ruth a dull person because of the way they are towards her.

I agree with you Mary , Ruth is reacting the way she is because Walter and Beneatha are being immature and Ruth is just fed up with all of this.
I believe Ruth's actions are the way they are cause shes stressed from her having to take care of everything on her own and she's dull cause she has two adults that live with her that act immature everyday .



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