I'm running as ning network as an extranet website for a school. Some of the parents and teacher have requested a facility to add an icon onto the desktop which can be doubled clicked on and load up the ning site. There must be an easy way to do this - perhaps I'm being a little slow! If it's possible to add an icon to the link automatically to replaced the default IE (or other broswer) icon on the desktop this would be great. Ideally if this facility could be incorporated into a link/code on the ning page, this would be great. I'm reluctant to place links/code in emails in case antivirus apps pick it up as potentially undesirable.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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It is pretty easy, if I get the question right. This is for win XP.

In IE click menu: File>Send>Shortcut to the desktop (I am not really sure if it is the right words, my IE is a swedish version).

In Firefox: Resize the window, so you can see the desktop. Click and drag the Site Identification icon to the left of URL. Drop it on the desktop. That´s it.

And then you can always rightclick the new desktop shortcut and select properties, and you can change icon.

Google Chrome: Click on the document icon arrow (up right) choose Create application shortcuts > and then you can put the shortcut on the Desktop or Startmenu or Quick launch bar (pretty nice functions...)

Hi - thanks - what I really wanted to do was add some coding to a button - which said for example - click here to add to desktop.



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