Dr. Ratey's book, SPARK  shows many benefits of aerobic activity.  The connection he makes with aerobic activity, the brain and learning are transformational.  As we better understand how this process works, the need to intigrate aerobic activity into the school day moves from a luxury to a priority.  How can Physical Education teachers implement these new findings into the curriculum and into the school day?  Is anyone involved in a program that is doing this?  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!  Janet


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Is it just aerobics?  We have in our school a fabulous PE teacher who engages students from Kindergarten to our 5th grade activities that really makes them move.  The importance of learning the basic coordination moves are being taught in our kindergarten classes and I always enjoy watching them because even if they are in different levels, our PE teacher works with every single student.  I think if they are active in anyway, I personally think it benefits the brain as well.  This is very interesting, thanks for sharing this.  I will actually encourage our PE teacher to  look into this book.  Thanks for sharing.



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