American Revolution Video Conference With A School From England

For several years now, I've wanted to engage in a video conference with a school from England to discuss how you (and how we, a middle school in New York) teach about the American Revolution. Are there major differences in the way we, or our textbooks, depict the war?

Anyone from England interested in pairing up and pursuing this idea?

Brian Mannix
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Great Neck South Middle School

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This is an awesome idea! Too bad I am from the US so I cannot help you out. If you get an overflow of interest could you send some my way as I would love to do this project with my students.
Believe it or not it would work well with some schools in the south and the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression if you're willing to open that potentially flammable can.

Sherman is still worse than Hitler in some parts of the South.
You are right. That would be interesting to see how that path would unfold. It would be quite an interesting project to compare/contrast right here in America. Any takers? Let us throw the match to the flammable can.
Excellent idea indeed, yes! I have always taught my students that the perspective of the British on the Revolution would be different - just like the Mexican take on the Mexican War or the way the Native Americans look at the "Indian" Wars, et cetera! We have even looked at excerpts from their texts to see the difference. This would be a GREAT opportunity! Good luck getting it going!



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