Any schools want to collaborate with a CT middle school? In the US or International!!

Hi there - I am a 7th grade SS teacher in CT. I am looking to find other schools to collaborate - in the US or outisde the US. I am using a site that I helped to build at SEEdebate is free and safe for students because it is closed. Students can't sign up without teacher codes to use. They are then within the teachers' "class" which makes it easier for teachers to pull up their students' comments. The comments are moderated too. You can design any type of discussion you want, some use it for simulations, wikis etc. Also, it is just a forum if you want to have students discuss with others. Anyway - I would love to get my students talking with other students aged 11 - 14!! Please let me know!

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I am a middle school math teacher in Florida; because I am looping with my students for three years, it would be a great experience for them to join.
Hi Myrielle - love your name! I will be getting my students involved in January. In the meantime, you can get yours started. I attached instuctions for how to create an account if you haven't already. Also, please email me at I can't access ning at my school.
Hi Meghan,

I teach Geography to Grade 7&8 students at an international school in Germany and would love to have them interact with your students during our unit on the Americas next semester. We are a brand new school this year, and technology is still not where it needs to be from a hardware perspective or from a student-user perspective. We are supposed to have this remedied by Christmas, so maybe we can start planning for next semester soon. I will check out SEEdebate myself to figure out how we could use this effectively together. Please let me know how you see this working to enrich students' experience from your end.

All the best,

James Brightman
Strothoff International School
Dreieich, Germany (just south of Frankfurt)
Hi James - I am not going to be ready to get my students online until January either. Can you keep in touch via email - I can't access ning at home. My address is

Here's something for you to think about. Global Virtual Classroom [] provides opportunities for teachers and students to work together over a long period of time. Their contest pairs 3 classes (from 3 different places) for 6 months; their clubhouse is open ended in time and number of partners. Best of all, everything, including server space, is totally free. The contest even has cash prizes for the school!



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