ANyone know of or have any Methods/Management techniques to assist students in writing research papers???



I am looking to find some new methods and/or management techniques to share with students at the HS level in writing research papers.  I like to provide my students with a lot of research paper techniques and strategies and was wondering what others were doing!

Thanks :)

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Have you seen for note-taking and collecting bibliographic information? Or for rough drafts/peer reviewing? Or for the actual writing?
No - these are fabulous. Thanks!! I will take a closer look at them.
If they are really struggling, the best thing to do is break it down into small pieces of action, which they can easily understand and complete in a short time. Make a form for each step of the research process that guides them through it. If they are beyond that, put several pieces together. Use examples for each step. If you don't have previous student examples, make your own. Save them from this term for next term and year. Make clear due dates when each step must be completed. Give them the time and some challenge questions that will make them think as they work in groups on the research topics. Group discuss can really help students figure out what it is they are looking at and what they need to say about it. Perhaps my ideas are too simple for your students. I teach Div III special needs students and this works for them.
No that is helpful. I have both gen ed and special ed and I do something very similar to what you have stated. I also like to use Graphic Organizers for them too - this helps them organize their ideas and thoughts and allows them to be more creative.
I cover ERIC, Proquest, Google Scholar, and a regular Google search.

I also help them negotiate citations using easybib.

Our concurrent post-secondary honors students can use RefWorks, which is about the handiest citation machine available. It allows you to export your list of selected sources from your search site into RefWorks, and then it will create a MLA, APA, or other reference page, provide internal citation format, or allow for online hosting of source lists. Requires either paid subscription or an institution code. i believe any educational non-profit can register for a code, but I am not sure on that...
Thanks!! I will look into this too.

Don't forget to share personal hacks and useful tools like Citatior that will simplify the whole writing process. 



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