Are "Interactive White Boards" transformative to your teaching and/or classroom?

Are "Interactive White Boards" transformative to your teaching and/or classroom? We are looking for feedback on whether they are worth the money. Do you really get your bang for your buck?

--- I am not looking for what company is better or what software is better...

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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I believe that "Interactive White Boards" are great for the classroom. The flexibility and extra access that they provide for a more diverse selection of lesson plans is invaluable. With the ability to avoid a redundant feel in the classroom, you provide students with a more appeasing atmosphere to learn and develop.

I believe that the interactive whiteboards are so helpful! It gives students a hands on experience! You can do so much with them! The students can write and drag things, you can use it for so many learning activities!

Although I am not yet an actual teacher, I believe that interactive white boards have changed the classroom.  They are extremely interactive (obviously) and better for students to work with rather than a powerpoint presentation.  As a college student, I have had my fair share of powerpoint presentations. They are BORING.  No one wants to sit and stare at a projection screen all class period.  It is important to incorporate the interactive white boards in classrooms because it is easier for the students to communicate and interact within the class.  They are able to come up to the board and actually do rather than say or speak.  It is a great tool that many teachers are implementing just for the fact that students are learning better and at faster paces when using the white board.  Like I said, I am a college student pursuing a teaching degree, but I am inside a classroom every single Monday.  The classroom I am interning in now is a kindergarten class and the students are in love with all of the functions the white board has to offer.  They are able to interact with the lessons and show off what they know without having to say anything.  It is also a great way to get the shy students involved without making them feel embarrassed or singled out.  I am all for interactive white boards! 

In my experience as a student who went to a school with all interactive white boards and a school with hardly any interactive white boards I think that it is definitely worth the money. I am actually in college right now studying how technology can be used in the classroom and the interactive white board is the most appealing piece of technology that I would love to use in my own classroom one day. It provides students an interactive way of learning. There is so many options that you can do on it and really appeals to all learning styles in the classroom. When I was in high school, my teachers used their interactive white board to play games, collaborate ideas, a way of classroom management, and just to take notes on in an interactive way.

I honestly believe that Interactive White Boards are worth the money. When used effectively they can really engage the students and make learning fun. Teachers who know how to use them create a great atmosphere for students to learn. Students who have fun doing something, will want to do more of it because they enjoy. Therefore, a teacher who makes learning fun will get the most out of their students, and I think the Interactive white boards can do that such thing.

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There are some wonderful ways to incorporate IWB's in the management of the classroom and games for students to play.  However, tablets also are a way to engage and monitor your students that seem to be less expensive.  IWB's allow students to do more hands-on learning instead of simply watching a presentation in their seats. 



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