Are there any online quizzes out there that help students identify themselves (or others) as being prejudiced?

I apologize for the long question.  I am about to start teaching my ELLs about the Civil Rights Movement.  Though none of them see themselves as prejudiced, I have heard that there are quick assessments out there that kids can take that will help them identify their biases, confront them, and deal with them.

I vaguely remember taking one where you looked at a series of pictures quickly after you read the accompanying scenario.  Example..."The man is young with sagging pants, a sleeveless shirt, and dark glasses.  He is standing behind you in a line in a store.  You..."  At this point, alternating pictures of young men of all ethnic groups appear on your screen where your reaction time is counted.  Long story short, longer stares generally meant a prejudice of some type.

If you know of any type of online self-analysis, I would be eternally grateful if you would share it.



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This is probably what you are looking for.
Hi Michael,

Yep, that was the one! Now, I just need to get the school's OK to have students take it:)

Thank you.

Michael, have been trying to email you re: your blog on SMS and using texting in the classroom for an article I am writing. Please respond to jlg at Thanks.
There are good resources on this site that I use with my "Culture and Conflict" students.
Hey Mary Lou,

Everyone should read the artice on Eugenics, It is a real eye opener.


This is truly an incredible site! I especially liked the section on census forms from around the world. This should be an eye-opener for faculty and students alike:) Thank you.

Not sure is this gets at it, but led to really good discussion with pre-service teachers from Teaching Tolerance

This site has some incredible material in it. I also teach an ELD methodology class at night and we are talking about respect for diversity this week. I will share this with them.

I also am going to tie some of it into the Civil Rights Unit I am doing with my ELLs in high school.

Thank you very much:)

I believe Teaching Tolerance has such a quiz. See
Harvard University has created something called Implicit Association Tests that are online.

The tests are rather creative in the way they show that many people still have prejudice/negative associations with certain groups of people. Reading their reports and results have been eye opening. Check it out.

I think a better term than "prejudice" is unconscious bias. Most of us when asked would insist we are not prejudiced, but the idea of unconscious bias lets us recognize that forces act on us in ways that we don't recognize but which shape our thoughts, opinion, and actions.
The newer term for unconscious bias (which still has a tinge of blame associated with it) is implicit association.

As previous posters mentioned, the Harvard site is really interesting and activities there help people understand that unconscious bias or implicit associations are a natural part of human nature and can cut both ways with negative and positive associations.
A good place to start would be with the idea of "inattentional blindness," the idea that we attend to some things and are blind to others, from the Visual Cognition group basketball test. The VisCog group asks that you not use this link for more than personal use. For class demonstration get their DVD.



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