Aussie Yr 5-7 class looking for international partners

I am after another class of students around the same age (10-13 year olds) who would be interested in exchanging through a number of Internet tools such as blogs, wikis, skype, voicethread etc. We would love to learn more about your class and your country's cultures. It would be also great to develop something special such as a mini cinema night where we create our own movies and exchange them on the web.
All ideas and offers welcome!

Jason McMahon
Terang College

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Consider participating in the Global Virtual Classroom [] The contest would be a bit difficult for your students since it runs from October to March; but the clubhouse might be a good fit. The aim is to partner students from various parts of the world to do just what you are wanting to do! It IS possible to participate in the contest (which also has a cash prize) but a little difficult because of your Mid December to beginning February summer break. Other Australian schools have done it with a few from the classrooms who were willing to keep up some contact. I know the other difficulty would be students moving from one grade to the next during the contest, but if you worked with students over multiple years, this too would work out. Take a look and give it some thought.
Hi Jason,

Oh, my gosh! This is dated August, 2009. You never had anyone respond? Are you still looking to do something like this? I teach 11-13 year-old students in Cupertino, CA (home of Apple Computers) and would be very interested in exchanging information about cultures, education, sports, etc. with your class. My students don't start their school year until August 19th, and then it will take a while for me to get them on board with the computers. Are you still interested in doing something like this for the 2010-2011 school year?

Hi Shirley,
YEA! Home of Apple Computer!!! Love Apple :-)

Do also look into GVC

It's a great program. I participated every year since 1996 until this year, when I retired in June. Now I'm the program director for this great free program!
Thanks for the links and offers Janet and Shirley. This is an old discussion (I ran a program with a school in Dallas last year which was good fun). I didn't realise I needed to close the discussion. Thanks again. Congratulate your town on the iPad Shirley, better luck next time with iphone 5 ; )



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