Take the survey... just FIVE quick questions!This week, Scott Tiner, Classroom Technologist from Bates College poses the question to the AV-1 community, "How do classroom planners and technology managers deal with the inevitable transition away from VHS to a digital format?" 

As a means to begin this crucial dialog among your peers within the AV-1 community, you can follow this link to his 5-question survey.

We'll post a follow-up with survey results (and the opportunity for you to chime in with your thoughts and ideas) at the end of the week.

Continue on to VHS End-of-Life Survey...

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VCR survey results on AV-1 Tech managers from around the globe chime in for VCR phase-out survey at AV-1.org.

130 respondents offered a few surprises...

79% of us still have VCRs in up to 75% of our rooms.  (Doesn't that seem like quite a lot of VCRs still in service?)

Only 34% of us have any sort of plan in place to end-of-life VCRs. (An artifact of fiscal hard-times or evidence of a What, Me Worry? state of mind?)

Would those of you without plans talk more about your circumstances? Is it your position that the VCR will live on indefinitely?

What do you think it means that we are pretty much split 50/50 on whether general counsel or the copyright officer has been involved in analog to digital transition issues?  

Chime in and share your thoughts. (Are you an in-house tech manager or planner who is not yet a member of AV-1? Please join us!)

Follow this link to complete survey results...



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