Barriers that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully

Hi, I want to know and discuss about the barriers  that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully

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are you here 

Hello from Bulgaria! The problem in Bulgaria is :many teacher don,t want  to learn ICT and second problem is money in schooll from goverment !In big town  in the school have many money ,becouse have many children ,but in small town from Bulgaria haven,t many kids! 

Thankyou Nina I would like to know why teachers don't want to learn ICT

For them ,the ICT is dificult and  they are don,t understand  ICT.

I agree with you Bob. There is a need of full time IT staff in the institution to deal with issues there and then and the School Administrator to be a believer of effectiveness of ICT and should look for ways of promoting the use of ICT for both teaching and learning. This will ensure prompt resolving of IT elated issues. Furthermore,one of the duties of the IT staff should be to train teachers for the required software. For that it is important that they are part of the Weekly Coordination Meetings 



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