Think reflectively about the micro-teaching activity that you and your partner created and presented in class. Then, write a blog (250-300 words approx.) that responds to the following three key questions: why you found this activity interesting and strong for your class, what you would have done differently due to differentiating instruction reasons, and how you would have incorporated more culture into it.


In order to earn full credit for this blog, you must also leave at least two comments (50-100 words each) on your peers’ posts. Please take the time to read what they wrote – you’ll find that you often have similar reactions to the teaching experience, and can help one another a great deal through this first semester!



For personal blog: Thursday, February 22, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

For two comments: Friday, February 23, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

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Hello Maria,
I feel like you and your partner did a very good job. It was a good idea that you let us work in pairs in order to understand better the lesson. Group work according to the textbook really helps the students understand the lesson, and takes them out of their comfort zone. I also feel like a video could've been great, but I feel like just the images you provided should've been enough. Adding culture to the lesson would've really made us the students be more involved with the lesson.

Hi Maria

I liked your micro teaching lesson because you used realia, students relate better with things they are familiar with.I think the way you and Katheryn differentiated the lesson was perfect because you made it easier for the students to understand the subject of your lesson. Pairing Gloria (that is proficient in the language) with Mary (that doesn't have the same level of proficiency in the language as Gloria ) was a great idea because you helped the student in need by pairing him/her with another studen, which I felt that students can feel more confortable when helped by their peers than by adults in general. I agree with David about introducing your lesson through a video to keep a higher level of engagement.

Hi Maria,

I love how you presented your topic. The fact that you were walking around the class trying to engage all students with a huge smile on your face, made me enjoy the presentation and your 15 minutes passed by so quick. I feel that in that kind of setting, you will never use the students attention and interest. in other words they will . never get bored and start looking at their watches. 

In addition, as you mentioned above, a video or powerpoint or maybe real fruit as you said, will help you even more to achieve your goal easier.

Hi Maria,

You and Katheryn wrote a good lesson plan, and I appreciated the way that you were able to organize the class into groups. It enabled us to be more engaged in the lesson that was being presented. Furthermore, you encourage classroom participation, with probing questions, which facilitate the learning process. The fact that you were able to recognize the cultural differences, but used it as a educational tool was impressive. However, as was mentioned use of the smartboard would have increased the engagement even further.

Hello everyone,
I found this activity interesting because it has shown us how soon we will be doing student teaching, and how we have to prepare for this in order to succeed in the future. Another thing that I found interesting from micro teaching was how we had to use culture in order to get the lesson done. It helped me learn about how to teach specific types of classes with students with disabilities, and students who are not native speakers to the language they are being taught in. Not only did I learn from my experience, but also learned from my peers and how they dealt with their students. It was a strong activity because we used soccer which is a global sport that is culturally accepted by many countries, and we made students express what they felt about the sport. What I would have done differently from this activity is that knowing we had limited time, we had to have used short activities in order to get our lesson done. Me and partner also agreed that our text that we presented needed to be reread, and didn’t have vocabulary that a level five class would teach. Even though I feel like we did good, I do feel that we made a couple of minor mistakes. I could've incorporated more culture by having the students focus on a specific team from a specific country instead of soccer in general in activity two. Me and my partner now know that we need to focus on “little culture,” in order to get our goals done. I feel like we could have talked about a specific team and how their country takes them serious. An example would be Real Madrid, and how in their stadium, they wear white. This micro teaching gave me more confidence to keep learning, and make me strive for more goals.

Hello David,

  I totally agree with you this activity help to prepare us for what awaits us soon. I like how you and your partner Margarita incorporated sports into your lesson, it went along with culture especially soccer it’s a worldwide sport however, we all know that in Latin American countries and Spaniards are very passionate about this sport that it has become part of our culture.

Hello David, You and your partner did a great presentation because both of you were able to implement speaking, writing and reading into the lesson. Students seem motivated and engaged during the activity because they were familiar with sport. I found that the material presented was appropriate in facilitating language acquisition.

Hi David,

I think you and Margarita did a good job in your presentation. You both were able to get the class involved and work on an activity that they enjoyed. Using sports in order to talk about culture to the class was a suitable way to get everyone interested. I agree with you when you mentioned how this assignment has given us a quick preview of what student teaching may be like.The more we learn how to accomplish tasks such as this one, the closer we get to becoming better teachers in the future.

Hi David,

Your presentation was given very well. Both you and Margarita were able to create a fun activity that motivated students to participate and wanting keep learning. Soccer was a fun topic that most students were able to relate to and talk about how their favorite team is from this country, or that country, etc. It was an interesting way to teach the class about culture and help them when they were not sure of what to do. All students, including non-spanish speakers were able to benefit from this activity.

 Hello Everyone,

 The micro- teaching activity I presented along with Maria Rodriguez was a great experience it gave us a preview of what we will be facing as future educators and the different techniques/ strategies we could use to help our students grow academically. The activity objective was to introduce vocabulary by utilizing pictures of fruit and vegetables in Spanish/ English and have the students engage in a conversation by giving them questions to ask their group partner to help them practice and identify new vocabulary. We also tried to accommodate students who struggled more with the class by sending another student who knew more to help them with the activity so they can participate and not feel excluded.

    Something I would have done differently is not translate the book that was introduce to the class instead I could have just read the book in Spanish. I also could have utilized the smart board showing them the pictures on the screen then after they were done with the activity in groups ask if anyone would like to come up to the board and share their responses they did with their group partner. I would have incorporated more culture by showing them a video of how different Spanish speaking countries have different ways to name the fruits and vegetables or show them videos of different Latin American dishes that include the fruits and vegetables that were introduce to them through the pictures.

     Overall, I feel like the students were engaged with the activity and they were developing new vocabulary that will help them as a level one Spanish class.

         Hola Katheryn:

         I liked the way you guys conducted the class. You used a lot of interactive work among the students and formed them in pairs and had them ask each other questions. What you lacked was not to use the screen to see better the illustrations of the fruits. As you say, too much translation should be avoided, because that is not the way a second language should be taught. But do not worry, we all made some mistakes, that over time we will correct. Good job!

Beautiful presentation Oscar. From my prospective you chose a solid lesson plan that was flexible and applicable to students of all background and learning ability. Furthermore, we as a group were able to provide lesson that was inclusive, including those with learning disabilities. As you stated there were several opportunities for improvement. Specifically, we should have provided copies of the handouts to everyone, so that they could better follow the lesson plan. I would also like to thank David for helping out our group in demonstrating how we would interact with a student who may have a disability.



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