I have been using simplevle.com for a while now and I have gotten fairly attached to it, but it does not seem to have a large user base to share experiences with. I have heard a lot about Schoology and have even created an account recently. However, it looks very intimidating. Does anyone have an opinion on which site is best suited for a high school teacher? I don't want to be overwhelmed with functionality that I won't even use.

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As Pink Floyd likes to say...Is there anybody out there?

I can tell you I use it in middle school. While I was overwhelmed by it at first, as the year progressed it's been a great tool. Whether it's communicating with students, using the calendar function or just posting resources, there seems to be many great things . I recently created a rubric with it and have been having my students submit their assignments to it. For my needs, it's a pretty great one stop shop.

I have used Schoology in my third grade classroom. I too was overwhelmed, but I was able to play around and got more comfortable with it. It is very user friendly as well. My third graders picked it up quickly too. I also like that my students are able to submit a Google Doc through Schoology.

Schoology is such an interesting classroom tool to be used at.

I have been using Course Sites for a few years. I like it because I can sub-divide all students into sections, yet they can still interact with each other via discussion boards as one large group. I can put all my background materials there, assign them weekly journal entries, upload PowerPoint presentations and the most important from my point of view, launch a virtual classroom for our synchronous portion. 



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