I was recently turned onto Class Dojo, (www.classdojo.com), and it looks pretty cool. Founder claims it is suppose to help students develop character and help teachers to spend less time on classroom management.  I am initially intrigued, I'm going to try it out (I don't get students until September 6th) but I am wondering if anyone else has tried it already or if someone is willing to look at it what are their thoughts? What I did like is I emailed some feedback about some things I thought should be changed and they changed them almost immediately, so that was cool.

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I might just give this a whirl! It's obviously set up for UK. No spreadsheet import currently - but they are obviously keen because you can send them a spreadsheet by email and they will sort it out.
The owner is from the UK, but they are working out of Palo Alto. I talked with the founder giving some feedback, super nice guy.  I also complained about the lack of import and was pretty impressed that he was willing to let me email the list to him.  They are working on letting us upload, that will be good when that is functional :)
I am really excited about this. It's obviously in a Beta form and could use a lot more development, but I was introduced to gamification this summer and have been looking for an easy way to integrate it into my class. Thank you for posting this!!!
Warren, are you gamifying your class this year? I am so excited to integrate this year. I bought www.gamerriculum.com yesterday (really boring staff meeting... had to keep my mind occupied) in hopes of collaborating with other teachers who are wanting to implement gaming principles in teaching.
this is very interesting! I will  use this in my class.Hope you can share more...
Is it just me?! Trying to work out how to use this. I have added my class and personalised the various positive and negative categories. How do I assign points to students? I can see how to do it with my phone but I want to be able to do this with a computer - am I missing something?

It's in the Beta stage so there's not a lot of flexibility, but you can start using it.


Click "Classes"

Click "Start Class"

Click on a particular student

Select the award you would like to give

That's it!

Silly me - thank you Warren - I thought I must be missing something!

This looks fun - I think some of my students will like this.

I have been using class Dojo for a while now.  the impact it has had on my students is amazing.  It has changed my classroom for the better. http://lachhull.blogspot.com/2011/10/class-dojo-building-positive-c...

I am new to Classroom 2.0, but I just came across your blog and I am excited to learn about classdojo. I have already uploaded all of my student information and I begin to pilot this program during our next week of school. Have you found this to be an effective tool in your classroom?




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