Without sounding too redundant...I am looking for some additional information on responders for my 5th grade classroom. What have you used, what do you like, and what you feel the best bang for your buck is.
Chuck Serventi
Page Unified School District

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Hey Chuck,

I teach grade 11 and 12 math and science but the system I use (IR clicker system from einstruction) should be a good match for younger grades as wel because the clickers themselves are simple, durable and warranteed for life. The system is quick to setup and use so you can use it during instruction as well as for more formal quizzes. The results are also quickly produced so you can use them to direct your instruction and show the students the anonymous results.

Let me know if you have any questions about them and I'd be glad to provide more info...


P.S. I'm not in sales, I am a teacher (Cornwall, Ontario)

The best bang for your buck is definitely H-ITT. www.h-itt.com. You can search the web for quick price comparisons and for some reason, they seem to be a fraction of the other's prices... although they do exactly the same.

They have both IR and RF products that are both durable and very user friendly for both teacher and student. You can teach however you are currently teaching and these clickers are simply a supplement to your teaching style. It doesn't require you to learn anything new, or change up your teaching methods... it will simply integrate into your lesson plans and give you real-time feedback on your class performance. Then you can analyze individual performance, student by student or the class as a whole.

If you want more information, send me an email at cnewberr@mail.usf.edu. I am a recent college graduate and have used H-ITT and eInstruction and just really advocate the way the H-ITT system works. I also know that you can get a free 60-day demo with the H-ITT device of your choice... try it out and see if you like it, But again, email me and I'll get you in touch with someone from H-ITT who can give you all the info you want!

Good Luck! :-)

Hey Chuck,

I say free is the best bang for your buck and using things students and adults already have access to is a logical way to go about that. If you are interested I just wrote about this very thing which you can read at Getting the Benefits of Student Response Systems without the Cost o.... Using tools students and adults already have access to all the time empowers them to be able to both easily use these devices with you and independently for their own purposes.



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