I'm really excited about what cloud computing can mean for the future of education.  With its low costs and collaborative elements, the cloud offers so many positives for educators.  I recently wrote a blog post on the subject, which I wish you would go read.  You can find it at www.teachthecloud.com.  I've also been compiling a list of my favorite cloud-based applications that you can find at  http://bit.ly/21stCenturyTools.  Don't forget to join the Moving to the Cloud group on Classroom 2.0!

What I really want to know, though, is what the rest of you think about what the cloud means for ed tech moving forward.  Let's discuss!

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Thanks for the post and resources Derrick. I know I am definitely moving that way at my school. We have a 1:1 program and the computer image this year will be quite slim. Why would I load tons of applications when there are free webtools that do the same thing or better? It's also a game changer for schools with low budgets...helps level the playing field.

The trouble I have had convincing a few schools to move to the cloud is "who owns the data?" Some, usually in the IT department, are scared to death to get rid of their Exchange server and the perceived loss of control. I would be interested in hearing what others do to ease the control issue.

I wrote this article a good while back and it is exciting to see the progress since then: Cloud Computing is Coming to Your School

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