Salvete (Latin for "Howdy Y'all): I am building a Latin-language online game that pairs simple Latin with simple quests and more advanced Latin with more advanced quests. I am doing the project because I am sick and tired of hangman and crossword puzzles, and I am annoyed with amateurish graphics and zero attention paid to sound. My goal is to merge quality gameplay and Latin pedagogy, and I think I'm well on my way. However, before I get in to deep with Actionscript, can someone point me to language-learning games online that you feel that kids aged 11+ would find a) fun, b) playable, c) addictive, d) provides something beyond vocabulary drilling and choosing the right verb ending. I am looking for other examples of quality, playable games in ANY language, to see if someone has already gotten it right. Can anybody help? Please?

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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for or if you want something more involved. I am a Spanish teacher and use QUIA for my students. Although some of the games are basic, my students really enjoy playing RAGS to RICHES and BATTLESHIP.
I also use Quia, and I wouldn't call it addictive but, the kids prefer doing those activities to study vocabulary. I know my colleague, who teaches Latin, uses Moodle & there are some interactive gaming componets he can add.



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