Good day to all. I'm just new here and badly need help. Does anybody here knows any software or service where I can transcribe my audio files into text?  I have tons of it in different formats and I have no time listening to all of it and transcribe it into words. I'm willing to spend a few bucks for it but better if it will be free.


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There is a plug in for Google chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/transcribe-transcribe-aud...

google "Transcribe audio files to text" and you will get a lot of solutions. 

Thanks, but it is not free !!

Just want to share as I have the same problem a week ago and also ask help in some forums. And these all wrapped up to my conclusion.

Using online speech to text services you can convert audio files to text document easily and its more reliable than downloaded software.

Dragon is the most commonly used but can't be taken for professional purposes since you still have to train it.

You may also try a service like http://www.speechtotextservice.com/ or you can hire in elance, freelance, odesk, etc.

But on thing is for sure. As of the present technology in transcription, still nothing is free, unless you still do the work. Hope this adds up FYI.

I had used the service which Jason rock has mentioned. It provides good quality and also faster than expected. They do a good job.

Hi! I offer transcription service.  I have a team which transcribes audio to text. Contact me if you're interested chestercruzado@yahoo.com Thanks!

Good day and thanks a lot guys. Just want to keep you all posted that I tried Jason's tip and regards also Tanvi. I was really satisfied using https://speechtotextservice.com. Got my audio files transcribed well. It was really a time saver and stress reliever. I'm still using it up to now. Anyway, much appreciated all your help. Thanks also to this forum.Keep up the helpful tips! :)

Hey https://www.speechtotextservice.com/ has made some upgrades now. Check it out. Are you still using it?

Hi Alberts,

You can try this tool:


If not work perfectly, visit this link to know more about same issue.

Thank you.

Hi Guys,

Good day to all of you and glad to seeing you all once again. I just want to inform and share to all of you that I've recently found a new and innovative Audio and Video transcription service which also provides subtitling and captioning service. They can also do transcription of different languages. The price is cheaper by half the price with what I was using previously as I've mentioned above and the turnaround time is much faster!

Check them out guys at http://owltranscription.com/. They've just recently launched and their clients are increasing enormously and giving positive feedbacks. If you're still in need of transcription, I highly recommend you try this.

Hope this helps once more.

Thanks once again Jason. http://owltranscription.com/ is fantastic! It is way better than the previous one. I hope you could continuously give us these tips once you found newer and better service like this. Again thank you very much for all of these as well as to this forum site.

I find this site pretty good: m4a to text.

Hope this helps you as well!

There are several online tools available that helps you to convert audio to text and vice versa.



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