I will be working with a group of students next year who are part of a 1:1 pilot using laptop computers. I am curious how other educators are adding web 2.0 experiences in their social studies classrooms.

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I am also a beginner to web 2.0 technologies. We're getting ready to do Podcasts using gabcast.com over Imperialsm and I am regularly using cell phones in class. So many of my students have cell phones that I figured I might as well embrace the technology. We use cites such as www.wiffiti.com and www.polleverywhere.com. The other day we watched President Obama's inauguration speech while students text messaged my wiffiti board with thoughts on the speech and how it will change their lives. I don't have access to laptops or desktops everyday, so the cell phone is a great tool to use in class.
I will be a 1 to 1 educator this year and I would like to do the following project. Is there anyone who is interested in having our classrooms re-enact and re-imagine the American Revolution, The Civil War, WWII?

The project is called "How Could War Look Different?" It is a two part online project that can be applied to any war (People have signed up for the American Revolution, the Civil War and WWII). The first half re-enacts the wars online and the second half of the project re-imagines the acts of war through the lens of peace.

I've attached the program. Please let me know if you are interested and feel free to send it along to any of your colleagues that you feel might want to take part.

Be well.


Brian Mannix
Great Neck South Middle School (NY)



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