I made a google Doc Survey with forms. You first pick the style which is the background before you start typing the questions. There are multiple types of questions. I used multiple choice, text box response, and check boxes. You can make the survey on any topic your heart desires. I made mine on family, just basic questions about size of the family, number of brothers and sisters, traditions, etc. You get many responses, and they are all anonymous. The response are automatically put into a spreadsheet within google docs. It updates regularly, as you watch your progress. This would be a great tool for a classroom website, if you wanted to get parents' opinions on field trips or whatnot. The following is a link to the survey that I made: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pd1OHrMDdKJwf9XaRGXjTnQTce_73MrFG8...

Feel free to take it.

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Google Doc Forms are simple and easy to use.

The survey looks great.  I definitely need to delve into Google docs more and see what neat things like your survey one can do.



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